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About AcSIR

Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR) aims to disseminate advanced knowledge in Science and Technology in emerging areas which may be interdisciplinary in nature. Taking advantage of CSIR’s state of the art infrastructure and unique human resource, the AcSIR would work towards bridging the gap that exists today between academics and societal applications.

The objectives of the AcSIR are

To conduct courses in interdisciplinary studies and multidisciplinary areas as covering natural sciences, life sciences, mathematical and computational sciences, medical sciences, engineering, applied arts, humanities, social sciences, law relating to these areas and interfaces thereof.

To take appropriate measures for innovations in teaching and learning processes.
To educate and train manpower in scientific and technological fields.
To establish linkages with industries within and outside India for the promotion of S&T.
To collaborate with reputed universities and institutions within and outside India.

AcSIR shall be an institution of national importance. The Academy has a multi-centric institution based on a hub-and-spoke model. CSIR headquarters located at New Delhi will act as a hub which will act as actual campuses for different subjects / areas based on their respective specializations. The Academy would offer a one stop solution to meet the above requirement in higher education by leveraging the strengths of CSIR comprising around 4500 scientists in diverse branches of science and engineering and utilizing its research and development infrastructure.

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