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Research Areas

Aromatic Extraction Area

Extraction of benzene, toluene and xylenes (BTX) from aromatic rich streams such as reformate, pyrolysis gasoline (PG) or aromatic rich streams /NGL is a process for recovering valuable petrochemical raw materials such as BTX. With this objective this area deals with:

Development of processes and excel for R & D expertise in extraction for

Recovery /removal of aromatics from various hydrocarbon streams
Removal of sulphur compounds from various hydrocarbon streams
Recovery of alcohols/ valuable chemicals from fermentation broth / fast pyrolysis bio oil

IIP-EIL has developed technologies for the extraction of benzene, toluene and xylenes (BTX) from reformate has been developed in the past and commercialized in BPCL, Mubai and KRL, Kochii. Similarly IIP has also developed technologies for the production of food grade hexane (FGH) / SBP solvents using solvent extraction and commercialized in HPCL, Mumbai , BPCL, Mubai and CPCL, Chennai.

Mathematical modeling and computer simulation

Mathematical modeling and computer simulation area cater to need of conceptualization of process flow sheet by using process modeling, simulation and heat integration along with process design and scale up to commercial scale as well as modeling of mechanistic kinetics of conversion processes.


Sweetening is a process for extraction/conversion of undesired mercaptans present in petroleum products. IIP in collaboration with BPCL has developed an indigenous cost effective catalyst Thoxcat ES for sweetening of LPG and light straight run naphtha and another catalyst for fixed bed sweetening of heavier petroleum fractions like Kerosene, ATF or FCC gasoline. Successful trial runs of the catalyst in LPG Merox units of BPCL (Mumbai), RIL (Jamnagar), IOCL (Haldia) and MRPL (Mangalore) have shown better performance than commercial one.

Gas Separation

Research and development in the area of separation of toxic gases like H2S, SO2 and CO2 from fuel gases and flue gases using innovative, cost competitive and environmentally friendly solvents. To carry out simulations for process design and scale up to commercial scale.

Wax Rheology

Research and development in this area for Improvement in handling of waxy petroleum fluids at low temperature for transportation in pipeline through evaluation of flow improver additives along with studies of chemistry and application of petroleum waxes. Utilization of waste plastics for production of value added products has been developed as new area of research.

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