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IIP Knowledge Resource Center

Introduction about IIP Library
The IIP library has a unique collection and special users. The main objective of IIP library is to fulfill the information needs of the employees of the Institute and the petroleum sector at large.

The Library is fully computerized each and every documents is bar-coded. Library has more then 17,000 books, and 16,500 bound volumes of periodicals, in addition to International standards. Other than this library has a good number of Technical Reports, Thesis, Patents, Standards, Specifications, Reprints, Microforms, Micro fiche, CD-ROM etc. Pertaining to Petroleum Chemistry, Refining and Separation methods of Petroleum, Chemical Technology/Engineering, Analytical Sciences, and Combustion Technology etc. The library has open access system.

Currently library is subscribing more then 110 Periodicals.

The online Public Access Catalogue is available to the users at their desktops by which users can search the library for the desired information based on Subjects, Author, Title, and Publishers etc.

The library provides current awareness services. A list of newly received books and loose issues of the journals is also available online.Library provides on line full text news related to Petroleum and Energy sector published in the eight national news papers same day to the readers at their desktop.A separate desk has created in the library for the CSIR consortium on E-Journals access and for access to the ASTM, BIS and SciFinder

The library also provides on line SDI service to the scientists apart from this it also provides Reprographic and Reference services to the readers and the facility of consultation to the persons of other organizations.

Library is in the process of developing its Institutional Repository, more then 440 articles written by our scientist with full text is uploaded.

Hours of Use

Open on all working days from 9.00am to 5.30pm
The library will remain closed on all National Holidays, Saturday and Sundays.
All users must prepare to leave the Library ten minutes before closing time and to be out of the library building by closing time. Books available for loan may be borrowed until ten minutes before closing time.

General rules for admission to the library and use of material:

It is strictly prohibited to take inside the library, articles such as bulky files, handbags, brief cases, boxes, umbrellas, etc. These should be left on the property counter at the entrance.
Issue of library documents will be made only to the legitimate card-holders as users of the library.

Members must produce their valid library membership card when borrowing the books. Members must check to see that all library materials in their possession have been properly checked out to them before leaving the library.

Members shall be held responsible for all materials charged to their card.
Members shall be held responsible for any mutilation (including defacement) found in library materials when returned. They must check and report any mutilation found at the time of issuing the book.
Members must report the loss of library materials immediately to the Circulation Section of the Library and they must pay the compensation for the lost book.
Any book not returned in response to a final overdue notice would be considered as lost and the member would be asked to pay compensation for the lost book.
Fines will be calculated according to the rate of fines, from the due date and the amount should be paid in the cash section of the Institute
Members must ensure that the books issued to them have been returned or renewed on or before the date scheduled.

 The borrowing members who repeatedly fail to return documents on due date consecutively on five occasions may loss the privilege of the membership of the library. They will not be allowed to borrow the books;

The users must sign the register kept at the exit gate of the Library.

 In the event of a book/publication issued on loan being required for any important or urgent purpose, the Officer-in-charge of the Library may recall it any time and such a book/ publication shall be returned by the member within 24 hours.

For reissue the book shall be returned physically at the counter and got reissued.

Any member requiring a book or other publication, which has been issued, may get it reserved for him at the Circulation Counter and such a book/publication shall be issued to the members in the order of priority.

Encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, Year books, atlases, rare books, books which are out of print, reference books, newspapers (current and back numbers), press clipping folders (current and old ones) and books in damaged and brittle condition shall not be issued out. Such books/publications/folders shall be made available for consultation in the Library premises only.

No new book or other publication shall be issued to members till after a week of their having been displayed in a New Arrivals. Each new addition shall bear the date up to which it would remain on display
The borrower/member is obliged to compensate lost or damaged items either by substituting the material or paying for it. Fines will be calculated according to the CSIR mannual
Readers are not permitted to bring their own books, floppy disks, CDs into the Library.

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