Bio Fuels Division

  • This division is dedicated to provide cutting edge research and technology in the field of renewable energy aligning with the biorefinery concept. While the institute’s primary focus is aimed at providing technological solutions to downstream oil sector, Bio Fuels Division was conceived as a research domain to provide alternative resources of transportation fuel and specialty chemicals from renewable feed stocks as a part of the institute’s motto “creating future fuels”.
  • The division comprises of various research areas working on the fundamental and applied aspects pertaining to biotechnological conversion, chemical catalysis, thermochemical conversion and modelling and life cycle analysis of the individual conversion processes which are well aligned with national priority areas of clean affordable energy and Swacch Bharat mission.
  • Renewable transporation fuels including 2G bioethanol, biodiesel, yeast lipid derived aviation fuel, specialty chemicals and biolubricants derived from waste vegetal biomass through green catalytic routes illustrate the division’s diverse research activities and illustrate the vision for future research programs.
  • Several mega projects sponsored by both Industry and Government of India have been successfully carried out in the division in the recent years and MOUs have been established with many prestigious academic and industrial organizations for collaborative research. The division is also decorated by a by large number of high impact publications along with granted international patents which have been developed into technologies for the industry.

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Dr Siddharth S Ray
Chief Scientist
Head of Division 
Phone: +91 135-2660263(Direct), +91 135-2525729
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  • Renewable fuels and specialty chemicals from biomass feedstocks by microbial fermentation
  • Biodiesel production from low FFA non-edible vegetable oils
  • Design of novel catalytic materials for biomass conversion and catalytic upgradation of bio-oil(s) for fuels and high value chemicals
  • LCA and techno economic feasibility studies
  • High temperature xylitol fermentation from lignocellulosic pentosan using whole cell biocatalyst
    (HCP 0009)
  • American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • Biotech Research Society, India (BRSI)
  • International Society of Energy, Environment and Sustainability (FISEES)
  • Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

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