सामान्य प्रशासन

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Name Designation Telephone No.: 0135-……. Email
Jaswant Rai Controller of Administration(CoA) 2525721, 2525722 jrai@iip.res.in
Biranchi Sarang Section Officer(G) 2525765 bsarang@iip.res.in
Madhuranjan Pandey Section Officer(G) 2525737 madhuranjancsir@iip.res.in
Parvesh Chand Section Officer (G) (MACP) 2525758 parvesh@csir.res.in
Someshwar Pandeya Hindi Officer 2525871 spandeya@iip.res.in
Capt R J Simon Senior Security Officer 2525779, 2660376 simon@iip.res.in
P S Chauhan Private Secretary 2525703 apar@iip.res.in
S C Bhatt Private Secretary 2525722 coa@iip.res.in
Abha Dhyani Assistant Section Officer(G) 2525758 abhad63@iip.res.in
Adesh Seth Assistant Section Officer(G) 2525765 adeshseth@iip.res.in
Anita Devi Assistant Section Office(G) 2525738 anita@iip.res.in
Arvind Arora Assistant Section Officer(G) 2525737 arvind@iip.res.in
Budhhi Ballabh Dimri Assistant Section Officer(G) 2525765, 2525839 bbdimri@iip.res.in
Farid Mohammad Assistant Section Officer(S&P) 2525765 farid@iip.res.in
Jassu Kumar Sharma Assistant Section Officer(G) 2525757 jassu@iip.res.in
Kiran Lata Assistant Section Officer(G) 2525719 kiran@iip.res.in
Prashant Bhardwaj Assistant Section Officer(G) 2525839, 2525758 bhardwaj0886@iip.res.in
Pratima Bagga Assistant Section Officer(G) 2525765 pbagga@iip.res.in
Rajendra Singh Chauhan Assistant Section Officer(G) 2525839, 2525758 rsc@iip.res.in
Rakesh Pant Assistant Section Officer(G) 2525737 rpant@iip.res.in
Ramesh Kumar Joshi Assistant Section Officer(G) 2525737 joshirk@iip.res.in
Vikram Singh

Assistant Section Officer(G) 2525765 singhvikram@iip.res.in
Vinita Walia Assistant Section Officer(G) 2525737 vwalia@iip.res.in
Vishvender K Dogra Assistant Section Officer(G) 2525719 vdogra@iip.res.in
Reena Sharma Senior Steno 2525722 coa@iip.res.in
Harjeet Singh Senior Secretarial Assistant(G) 2525765 harjeet@iip.res.in
Harvinder Kaur Senior Secretarial Assistant(G) 2525758 harvinder1974@iip.res.in
Jitender Singh Rawat Senior Secretarial Assistant(G) 2525737, 2525738 jiten@iip.res.in
Kulvant Singh Senior Secretarial Assistant(G) 2525839, 2525758 kulvant@iip.res.in
Tanveer Ahmed Senior Secretarial Assistant(G) 2525703 tanveer@iip.res.in
Govind Singh Mehta Technician II 2525779
Paramjeet Singh II Technician II 2525826 psg@iip.res.in
Shiv Prasad Nautiyal Technician II 2525826 spnautiyal@iip.res.in
Yashoda Lab Attendant II 2525737
Shyam Lata Lab Assistant 2525741
Gopal Singh JSG 2525779
Asha Ram Bearer 2525742 asharam@iip.res.in
Matber Singh I Bearer 2525742
Matber Singh II Bearer 2525742
Bharat S Bisht Assistant Cook 2525742 bsb@iip.res.in
Munish Kumar Cleaner 2525742 munish@iip.res.in
Ajay Paul MTS 2525779
Deepak Kumar MTS 2525722
Irshad Khan Lab Attendant II 2525719
Kamal Kumar MTS 2525765
Mannu Ram MTS 2525742
Naresh Kumar MTS 2525765
Rajesh Kumar MTS 2525839
Sarveshwari Devi MTS 2525722
Tilak Kumar MTS 2525871
Sureshi Rawat Chair Caner 2525765