रासायनिक और भौतिक विज्ञान

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Name Designation Telephone No.: 0135-……. Email
Sudip K Ganguly Senior Principal Scientist 2525799,2525784 sganguly@iip.res.in
O P Khatri Senior Scientist 2525767 opkhatri@iip.res.in
Suman Lata Jain Senior Scientist 2525788, 2525901 suman@iip.res.in
Bipul Sarkar Scientist 2525790 bsarkar@iip.res.in
Indrajit K Ghosh Scientist 2525790 ikghosh@iip.res.in
Umesh Kumar Scientist 2525795 umesh_kumar@iip.res.in
R C Saxena Principal Technical Officer 2525849 rcsaxena@iip.res.in
Sunil Kumar Senior Technical Officer II 2525799 sunilkp@iip.res.in
Om Prakash Sharma Technical Officer 2525767 ops@iip.res.in
P Padma Latha Technical Officer 2525795 padmalatha@iip.res.in
Praveen K Khatri Technical Officer 2525790 khatripk@iip.res.in
Bhavna Rawat Senior Steno 2525902 bhavna@iip.res.in
Aruna Kukrety Technician II 2525764 akukrety@iip.res.in
Rajesh Puri MTS 2525764
Shiv Singh Rawat MTS 2525795
Vivek Singh MTS 2525795