पृथक्करण प्रक्रिया

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Name Designation Telephone No.: 0135-……. Email
Manoj Srivastava Senior Principal Scientist 2525772,2525768 manojs@iip.res.in
Soumen Dasgupta Principal Scientist 2525727, 2525732 soumen@iip.res.in
Sunil Kumar Principal Scientist 2525784 sunilk@iip.res.in
Swapnil Divekar Senior Scientist 2525766, 2525732 sdivekar@iip.res.in
Prasenjit Ghosh Senior Scientist 2525781 prasen@iip.res.in
Aarti Senior Scientist 2525766, 2525732 aarti@iip.res.in
Ankush B Bindwal Scientist 2525932 ankush.bindwal@iip.res.in
Avinash Suryakant Mhetre Scientist 2525784 asmhetre@iip.res.in
Indu Shekhar Scientist 2525796 shekhar@iip.res.in
Ojasvi Sharma Scientist 2525784 ojasvi.sharma@iip.res.in
B R Nautiyal Principal Technical Officer 2525781,2525782 brnautiyal@iip.res.in
Pushpa Gupta Principal Technical Officer 2525766, 2525732 pushpa@iip.res.in
Manoj Thapliyal Senior Technical Officer 2525772 mthapli@iip.res.in
Kamal Kumar Senior Technical Officer 2525777 maurya@iip.res.in
Nisha Senior Technical Officer 2525782 nisha@iip.res.in
Pooja Yadav Technical Officer 2525782 pooja@iip.res.in
Rekha Chauhan Technical Officer 2525783, 2525732 rekha@iip.res.in
Pradeep Kumar Technical Officer 2525861, 2525853 pradeepk@iip.res.in
Bhavna Rawat Assistant Section Officer (S&P) 2525789, 2525902 bhavna@iip.res.in
N N Bahuguna Senior Technician III 2525768 nnb@iip.res.in
Binod Kumar Technician II 2525861, 2525853 binodkumar071973@gmail.com
Rajesh Sharma Senior Technician II 2525768 rajesh@iip.res.in
Gokul Prasad Lab Attendant (2) 2525768 pgokul@iip.res.in
Sanjay Kumar MTS 2525862 ksanjay@iip.res.in
Vishwas Kumar MTS 2525789 vishwas.kumar@iip.res.in
Hemant Tiwari MTS 2525880 / 782 htiwari@iip.res.in
Hemant Tiwari MTS 2525880 / 782 htiwari@iip.res.in