अभियान्त्रिक सेवाएं

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Name Designation Telephone No.: 0135-……. Email
Poonam Gupta Senior Principal Scientist 2525844, 2525869,2525858 pgupta@iip.res.in
Rajesh Kumar Principal Scientist 2525892, 2525828 rajesh@iip.res.in
L Robindro Senior Scientist 2525886 robindro@iip.res.in
Mritunjay Kumar Shukla Senior Scientist 2525930, 2525872 mshukla@iip.res.in
Mukesh K Sharma Assistant Executive Engineer 2525857 mks@iip.res.in
Hari Chand Singh Senior Technical Officer II 2525837 hcsingh@iip.res.in
Md Sajid Ahmed Shareef Senior Technical Officer I 2525841, 2525920 md.sajid@iip.res.in
Sarvanand Tiwari Assistant Executive Engineer 2525773, 2525865 stiwari@iip.res.in
Amit Kumar Junior Engineer 2525840 amitk@iip.res.in
Sandhya Jain Technical Officer 2525840 sandhya@iip.res.in
Gordhan Jain Technical Officer 2525854 gjain@iip.res.in
Kamla Yadav Technical Officer 2525860 kamla@iip.res.in
Manoj Kumar Technical Assistant 2525866 manoj.malik222@iip.res.in
G P Sharma Private Secretary 2525845, 2525811 gpsharma@iip.res.in
Madan Gopal Senior Technician II 2525837 mgopal@iip.res.in
T C Sharma Senior Technician II 2525857 tcs@iip.res.in
Harbhajan Singh Senior Technician I 2525862 hsingh@iip.res.in
Mohar Singh Nirala Senior Technician I    
Mukesh Kumar Senior Technician I 2525862  
Rajeev Sharma Senior Technician I 2525920 rsharma@iip.res.in
Rajendra Prasad Senior Technician I 2525862  
Rajpal Singh Senior Technician I 2525862 rajpal@iip.res.in
Devender S Batola Technician II 2525855 dsbatola@iip.res.in
Girish Chand Tiwari Technician II 2525740 gctiwari@iip.res.in
Manmohan Singh Gusain Technician II 2525718  
Mayank Mishra Technician II 2525803 mayank@iip.res.in
Naveen K Maurya Technician II 2525740  
Pradeep S Negi Technician II 2525735 pnegi@iip.res.in
Puran Singh Aswal Technician II 2525740 psaswal@iip.res.in
Pushpraj Sharma Technician II 2525855 psharma@iip.res.in
Sanjeev Kumar Technician II 2525920 snajeevk@iip.res.in
Vivek K Sharma Technician II 2525920 sharma.vk@iip.res.in
Amaradeep Kumar Technician I 2525740 amarspr@iip.res.in
Ashwani Kumar Technician I 2525740  
Guru Jothi G Technician I 2525792 guru86@iip.res.in
Jitender Singh Technician I 2525718  
Ombir Singh Technician I 2525855 ombirsingh85@iip.res.in
Prem Chand Verma Technician I 2525890 pcv@iip.res.in
Vala Vishal Magan Bhai Technician I 2525855 vishalvala1988@iip.res.in
Dinesh Chandra Lab Attendant II 2525920  
Ramchander Lab Attendant I    
Jyoti Prasad Lab Attendant II 2525947, 2525837 jprasad@iip.res.in
Rajendra Prasad Lab Attendant II 2525740  
Balbir Singh I Lab Assistant 2525792  
Balbir Singh II Lab Assistant 2525837 sbalbir@iip.res.in
Raj Kumar Lab Assistant 2525855 rajkumar@iip.res.in
Shyam Singh Lab Assistant 2525800 shyams@iip.res.in
Furkan Saifi Junior Secretarial Assistant (F&A) 2525800  
B B Ekka Security Guard    
Kishore Kumar MTS 2525800  
Mukesh Kumar MTS 2525735  
Rajesh Kumar MTS    
Sanjay Kumar MTS    
Vijay Kumar MTS 2525740