पृथक्करण प्रक्रम

Separation Processes are essential to the chemical, petroleum refining, and materials processing industries, and they account for nearly 40 – 80 % of capital and operating costs in industry. For the chemical, petroleum refining, and materials processing industries as a group, separation technologies are critical for reducing waste, improving energy efficiency, and increasing the efficiency of raw material use. Separation Processes Division (SPD) is involved in research work pertaining to conceptualization and development of energy efficient, economical and eco-friendly processes for separation of impurities or recovery and production of pure components from industrial gaseous streams and refinery/petrochemical hydrocarbon streams (like LPG to Gas oil, Lubes, fuel gases, flue gases etc.)

Several major projects (Govt. of India sponsored, Industry Sponsored and In-house) have been successfully carried out in this division over the years and many developed technologies have been implemented in Indian industries. Additionally the Division also offers Testing and Analytical services like, Surface area and porosity analysis, Skeletal density measurement of adsorbents, Pure component gas and vapor phase equilibrium adsorption isotherm measurement, Dynamic breakthrough measurements and Evaluation of adsorbents under PVSA and PTSA process conditions


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Consultancy services pertaining to process conceptualization, Proof of Concept studies, development of Technology Information Package (TIP), process related support for development of Basic Engineering Design Package (BEDP), process optimization, plant adequacy tests, and revamps are also provided by the Division.


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Manoj Srivastava

Dr Manoj Srivastava
Senior Principal Scientist
Head of Division
Email: manojs@iip.res.in
Phone: +91 135 2525772
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  • Dr. Manoj Srivastava (Lubes, Wax, Bitumen, De-asphalting and Carbon Materials)
  • Dr. Soumen Dasgupta (Adsorption and Membrane Separation)
  • Dr. Sunil Kumar (Modeling and Simulation)
  • Dr. Swapnil Divekar (Adsorption and Membrane Separation)
  • Dr. Aarti (Adsorption and Membrane Separation)
  • Mr. Avinash Mehtre (Modeling and Simulation)
  • Dr. Ojasvi (Modeling and Simulation)
  • Mr. Prasenjit Ghosh (Aromatic Extraction)
  • Helium Recovery from Natural Gas
  • Adsorptive Desulfurization of Transportation Fuel
  • CO2 recovery from Power Plant Flue Gas (Post combustion)
  • Evaluation of advanced MOF adsorbents for CO2 capture
  • Biogas Upgradation
  • Light Olefin-Paraffin Separation
  • Hydrogen recovery from PSA tail gas
  • Recovery/ removal of aromatics from various refinery streams like Straight Run Naphtha, pygas, Reformate, FCC Gasoline, Kerosene, Middle Distillates, LCO
  • Valorization studies for refinery hydrocarbon streams
  • Desulfurization and dearomatization of gas oil & residue fuel oil de-aromatization of lube oil base stocks
  • Re-refining of used oil/allied technological studies
  • Conventional bitumen and polymer modified bitumen from petroleum residues
  • Refining of used lube oil
  • Methanol and DME production