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Mandate of organisation 

IIP  Mandate

  • Develop novel, state-of-the-art technologies for petroleum refining, chemicals, petrochemicals and products, application of petroleum products in IC engines & combustion systems. 

  • Provide scientific and technical services to the industry. 

  • Conduct Market Surveys and Techno-economic Feasibility Studies. 

  • Train technical personnel from Hydrocarbon and user industries. 

  • Assist Bureau of Indian Standards in formulation of standard specifications for petroleum products. 

IIP quality Policy

The Indian Institute of Petroleum is committed to be the centre of excellence in providing cutting edge products, technologies, services and solutions for the energy sector.

The Institute shall continue to remain ahead of international developments and in this respect, it has set the following quality objectives:

  • Provide competitive and sustainable technologies and products to meet the requirements of the ever growing energy sector. 

  • Exploit renewable resources and waste materials to develop low cost path ways for making fuels and chemicals available even from non-fossil sources.

  • Capacity and capability to develop new energy areas such as bio, hydrogen and solar energy and their innovative combination. 

  • Continue to remain an excellent centre for learning in the energy sector to meet human resource development requirements both nationally and internationally.

  • Customer satisfaction through committed quality, cost and deliveries.



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