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 Powers and duties of officers and employees


Powers and duties of officers and employees 


  • Realizing the mission of the Institute.

  • Creating an environment in the Institute conducive to nurturing of innovation and high class R&D and the other S&T activities of the institute.

  • Managing the affairs of the Institute as per the decisions of the Management Council.

Director shall in all matters have powers delegated to him by the Governing Body.

We are an R&D organization with four broad categories of employees – Officers whose duties are broadly given as under:

To generate new ideas, conduct research in them and take it to fructification

Technical staff To assist the Scientist in their R&D activities.
Supporting staff General support to Scientists and Technical staff by way of running/maintaining infrastructure and services.
Administrative staff To render all the administrative services starting from Recruitment of staff to termination/purchase/accounting etc.

All the powers have been vested with the Director of this Institute. However, some routine day to day functions / decisions which are non discretionary in nature are delegated to various authorities.

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