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Clarified Oil from Fluid Catalytic Cracking as an Additional Source of Group II Base Oil  Components. Manoj Srivastava, Manoj Kumar, Ranveer Singh, U C Agarwal, M O Garg. Petroleum Science and Technology 29(2), 172-182, Jan 20111

The Transformation of Light Paraffins to LPG and Aromatics Over a Ni/ZSM-5 Catalyst. N Viswanadham,, Sandeep K Saxena, Manoj Kumar. Petroleum Science and Technology  29(4), 393-400, Feb 2011

Ultrasound promoted oxidation of sulfides with hydrogen peroxide under catalyst free conditions. Praveen Khati, Suman L Jain and Bir Sain. Ind & Eng Chem Res (2011), 50(2), 701-704, Feb 2011

Hydrotreating and hydrocracking catalysts for processing of waste soya-oil and refineryoil mixtures. Rashmi Tiwari, Bharat S. Rana, Rohit Kumar, Deepak Verma, Rakesh Kumar, Rakesh K. Joshi, Madhukar O. Garg, Anil K. Sinha. Catalysis Communications, 12,(6), 559-562, Feb 2011

Cyclotriphosphazene grafted silica: a novel support for immobilizing the oxo-vanadium Schiff base moieties for hydroxylation of benzene. Praveen K. Khatri, Bhawan Singh,  Suman L. Jain, A. K. Sinha and Bir Sain. Chem. Commun., 2011, 47(5), 1610-1612, Feb 2011

Castor oil-based lubricant reduces smoke emission in two-stroke engines. A.K. Singh.Industrial Crops and Products, 33(2), 287-295, March 2011

The Oxidative Desulfurization of HDS Diesel: Using Aldehyde and Molecular Oxygen in the Presence of Cobalt Catalysts. T V Rao, P M Krishna, Dharam Paul, B R Nautiyal, J Kumar, Y K Sharma, S M Nanoti, Bir Sain, M O Garg. Petroleum Science and Technology 29(6), 626-632, March 2011

Novel Mesoporous Silica Immobilized Bifunctional Organocatalyst via click chemistry for Michael addition reaction. Suman. L. Jain, Arindam Modak and Asim Bhaumik. Green Chemistry 13( 3) , 586-590, March 2011

An efficient biomaterial supported bifunctional organocatalyst (ES-SO3- C5H5NH +) for the synthesis of β -amino carbonyl. Sanny Verma, Suman L Jain, Bir Sain. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 9(7), 2314-2318, April 2011

Stereoselective Synthesis of endo-7-Halo-3-Oxo-2-Azabicyclo[4.1.0] Heptanes by Reductive hydrodehalogenation of gem-Dihalocyclopropanes. J. K. Joseph, S. Singhal, Suman L. Jain and Bir Sain. Current Organic Chemistry 15(8), 1230-1235, April 2011

Poly(ethylene glycol) Embedded Potassium Tribromide (PEG.KBr3) as a Recyclable Catalyst for Oxidation of Alcohols. Sanny Verma, Suman L Jain , Bir Sain. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 50(9), 5862-5865, May 2011

Polyethylene glycol clicked Co(II) Schiff base and its catalytic activity for the oxidative dehydrogenation of secondary amines. Praveen K. Khatri, Suman L. Jain, L. N. Sivakumar  K. and Bir Sain. Organic & Bimolecular Chemistry 9(9), 3370-3374, May 2011

Aviation fuel production from lipids by a single-step route using hierarchical mesoporous zeolites. Deepak Verma, Rohit Kumar, B S Rana, Anil K Sinha. Energy & Environmental Science 4(5), 1667-1671, May 2011

Synthesis, Characterization, and Biofuel Application of Mesoporous Zirconium Oxophosphates. Swapan K. Das, Manas K. Bhunia, Anil K. Sinha, and Asim Bhaumik. ACS Catal., 1(5), 493–501, May 2011

Acetone Cyanohydrin: A Convenient Alternative of Toxic Sodium Cyanide/Acetic Acid for Oxidative Cyanation of Tertiary Amines. Sanny Verma, Suman L Jain, Bir Sain. Catalysis Letters 141( 6), 882-885, June2011

Mild organic ammonium tribromide mediated regioselective ring opening of epoxides with alcohols, water, acetic anhydride and amines under solvent free reaction conditions. Sweety Singhal, Suman L. Jain and Bir Sain. Synthetic Commun 41(12), 1829-1837, June 2011

Thiourea dioxide (TUD): a robust organocatalyst for oxidation of sulfides to sulfoxides with TBHP under mild reaction conditions. Subodh Kumar, Sanny Verma, Suman L. Jain, Bir Sain. Tetrahedron Letters 52(26), 3393-3396, June 2011

Syngas production through gasification and cleanup for downstream applications Recent developments. P. Mondal, G.S. Dang, M.O Garg. Fuel Processing Technology, 92( 8 ), 1395-1410, August 2011

Starch Immobilized Ruthenium Trichloride Catalyzed Oxidative Cyanation of Tertiary Amines with Hydrogen Peroxide. Sanny Verma, Suman L Jain, Sain, Bir. ChemCatChem 3(8), 1329-1332, Aug 2011

Novel Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Mesoporous Silica Supported Oxo-Vanadium Schiff Base for Selective Oxidation of Alcohols. Sanny Verma, Mahasweta Nandi, Arindam Modak, Suman L Jain, Asim Bhaumik. Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 353(11-12), 1897-1902, Aug 2011

Adding value to naphtha cracker feedstock by extraction of pure aromatics. M. O.Garg,  S M Nanoti, B R Nautiyal, Nisha, PoojaYadav. Chemical Industry Digest 24(7), 62, 65-67,  2011

Alternative transport fuels: An Indian perspective. S K Singhal, Wittison Kamei, A K Jain, M O Garg. Hydrocarbon Processing , 90(9), 69-72, September 2011

Effect of low frequency ultrasonic assisted extraction on the quality of seed oils of  Indian origin. Savita Kaul, Garima Sharma, Jyoti Porwal, Neha Bisht. Fuel Processing Technology, 92(10), 1813-1820, Oct 2011

TG–MS investigation of brominated products from the degradation of brominated flame  retardants in high-impact polystyrene. Guido Grause, Daiki Karakita, Jun Ishibashi,  Tomohito Kameda, Thallada Bhaskar, Toshiaki Yoshioka. Chemosphere 85 (3), 368-373, 2011

Efficient Synthesis of 3,4-Dihydropyrimidinones in 1-n-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium  tetrachloroindate (BMI.InCl4). Joseph, Jomy, Suman L. Jain, Sweety Singhal, Bir Sain.  Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 50 (20). 11463-11466, Oct (2011)

Refinery configurations: Designs for heavy oil. Sunil Kumar, S M Nanoti, Y K Sharma, M O Garg. Hydrocarbon Processing 90(10) 71-75, Oct 011

PEG-embedded KBr(3): A recyclable catalyst for multicomponent coupling reaction for the efficient synthesis of functionalized piperidines. Sanny Verma, Suman L Jain, Bir  Sain. Beilstein J Organic Chemistry 7 , 1334-1341, Sept 2011

Thiourea dioxide promoted efficient organocatalytic one-pot synthesis of a library of  novel heterocyclic compounds. Sunny Verma, Subodh Kumar, Suman L Jain, Bir Sain.  Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (2011), 9(20), 6943-6948, Oct 2011

Studies on Volatile Characteristics of Middle Distillates and Their Interdependency. A  Majhi, V S Kukreti, D Sharma, S R Sharma; Y K Sharma. Petroleum Science and  Technology 29(22), 2397-2406., Nov 2011

Facile synthesis of sulfonated carbon-meso composite and mesoporous silica. Devaki  Nandon, Peta Sreenivasulu, Sandeep K Saxena, N Viswanadham. Chemical  Communication 47 (41) 11537-11539, Nov 2011

Graphene oxide: an efficient and reusable carbocatalyst for aza-Michael addition of  amines to activated alkenes. Sanny Verma, Harshal P. Mungse, Neeraj Kumar, Shivani  Choudhary, Suman L. Jain, Bir Sain and Om P. Khatri. Chem. Commun, 47, 12673-12675,  Nov 2011

Effect fo additive for efficient combustion of cracked furnace oil. A K Singh, Satish Kumar. African J of Pure and Applied Chemistry 5(13), 448-456, 2011

A zeolite based vapor phase adsorptive desulfurization process for naphtha. Anshu  Nanoti, Soumen Dasgupta, Vasudha Agnihotri, Pushpa Gupta, A N. Goswami, M O. Garg,  Elisabeth Tangstad, Michael Stöcker, Arne Karlsson, Ørnulv B. Vistad. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 146(1-3), 158-165, Dec 2011

Tribological Failure Analysis of Journal Bearings used in Sugar Mills. S.M. Muzakkir, Harish Hirani, G.D. Thakre, M.R. Tyagi. Engineering Failure Analysis, I18 (8) , 2093-2103,  Dec 2011

Significant rate acceleration in carbonate synthesis from carbon dioxide and oxiranes  using dimethyl carbonate as a recyclable medium. Subodh Kumar, Suman L. Jain, Bir  Sain. Tetrahedron Letters, 52 (51), 6957-6959, Dec 2011

Determination of Intrinsic Kinetics of Catalytic Oxidation of 1-Butanethiol in Light Oil Sweetening. Sudip K Ganguly, G Das & Bir Sain. Hydrocarbon China Q4, 60-64, Dec 2011

A solution study of the interaction of the Cu(II) ions with HisGlyGlyTrp tetrapeptide and  its evaluation as superoxide dismutase mimetic complex. R K Singh, V C Srivastava.  Singh, U.P. Protein and Peptide Letters 18 (12) 1280-1289, Dec 2011

Characterization of tribofilm from sulfurized Mohwa oil. A K Singh. ISRN Mechanical Engineering (2011), 340276, 12 pp, 2011.

The detection of kerosene as an adulterant in gasoline. A Majhi, V S Kukerti, Y K  Sharma, Ravi Khanna, A Datta. Petroleum Science and Technology 30(3), 271-277, Dec  2011

Study of pentaerythritol tetraoleate ester as industrial gear oil. Nagendramma, P. Lubrication Science 23(8), 355-362, 2011

Advancing towards the bio-route. D K Adhikari, Savita Kaul, T Bhaskar, D Gosh. Chemical Engineering World ( Special issue), 76-80, Dec 2011

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