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NMR Spectrometer

Make and Model Avance III 500 MHz, Bruker Germany
Brief Specifications NMR spectroscopy is used for structure determination, often required for structure confirmation and checking purity by organic chemists. Standard test method for aromatic carbon and protons in petroleum samples are determined as per the ASTM D5292 test method. Multinuclear and multidimensional NMR spectroscopy facility is also available in the institute along with solid state NMR facility. Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is a specialized characterization technique used to determine chemical composition or structural properties in a variety of industrially relevant solid materials like catalysts, polymers pharmaceutical solids, drugs those are insoluble.
Applications 1H in CDCl3 (S) for1H Determination in Organic Solid
1H in CDCl3 (L) for Aromaticity in Organic Liquid
ASTM D5292-1H for 13C Determination in Hydrocarbon Oils
13C in CDCl3 (S) for 13C Determination in Organic Solid
13C in CDCl3 (L) for Aromaticity in Organic Liquid
ASTM D5292-13C for 13C Determination in Hydrocarbon Oils
Sample requirements (quantity, nature, pre-treatment etc. and any other specific requirements Samples as per applications listed above.
1g or 1 mL sample.
Solubility in CDCl3

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