13 July 2024 10:38 PM
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Dr Anshu Nanoti

Chief Scientist

Dr Anshu Nanoti

Research Interest

  • Adsorptive desulfurization of transportation fuels
  • Pressure vacuum swing adsorption (PVSA) process development for CO2 capture from power plant flue gas
  • Process development for biogas and landfill gas up-gradation by PVSA
  • Development of high temperature CO2 sorbents relevant to pre-combustion CO2 capture
  • Adsorbed natural gas
  • Hydrogen recovery from refinery off gases
  • Adsorption based process development for light olefin-paraffin separation
  • Efficient air separation

Work Experience

Award and Honours

  • Co-recipient of silver medal at All India Industrial Exhibition at Hyderabad in 1986 on the work entitled: Dearomatisation of kerosene streams by using liquid surfactant membranes
  • Awarded Indian National Science Academy Fellowship in the year 1998 for three months to work at University of Kaiserlautern, Germany
  • Managed several international collaborative research projects such as adsorptive desulfurization of gasoline sponsored by Indo-Norwegian Programme for Institutional Co-operation (INPIC), Adsorptive desulfurization of diesel and CO2 recovery from power plant flue gas sponsored by Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Biogas up-gradation by VSA under Indo-Australia Strategic Research fund


Selected Publications

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