23 July 2024 10:11 AM
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  • Fully automated computer controlled unit with a unique feature of flexibility in cycle design and operation. This custom built unit allows the operator to run any number of cycle steps and sequences in an efficient way. There is provision to make gas feed mixtures of desired composition of up to six component gases.
  • Custom Designed Automated Single Column Micro-adsorber Unit for Small-scale Adsorbent Evaluation by Breakthrough and PVSA Study
  • PC based automated adsorption unit with fine control of pressures, temperatures and flow rates. The adsorber can withstand pressures up to 30 bar and temperatures up to 550 0C. It is equipped with on-line gas analyzer for analysis of H2, CO, CO2, CH4, H2S, SOx, N2, O2
  • State of the art gravimetric micro balance from Rubotherm, Germany and Hiden IGA, UK for single component gas and vapour equilibrium adsorption isotherm measurements at high pressure and high temperature
  • Helium Pyknometer
  • Micromeritics Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer
  • Adsorption and Dynamic Discharge Unit for ANG Material Evaluation
Two-bed Fully Automated P/VSA Unit
Automated Micro-adsorber unit for adsorbent evaluation
Vapor Phase High Temperature & High Pressure Adsorber Unit
Digital Gravimetric Microbalance for high temperature and high pressure operation
Helium Pyknometer
Micromeritics Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer
HIDEN IGA-002 for Gas and Vapor Equilibrium Isotherm Measurements
Adsorption and Dynamic Discharge Unit for ANG Material Evaluation

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