14 July 2024 7:10 PM
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Tribology (Def. “Study of science related to surfaces in relative motion”) is derived from the Greek word ‘TRIBOS’ meaning rubbing of two surfaces. It aims at minimizing or eliminating friction and undesirable wear, thus, influencing the engineering and economical aspects of machinery. The applications of correct Tribological practices protects and enhance the life of plants and machinery, improve efficiency of operations, reduce energy consumption and prevent expensive breakdowns resulting in savings worth crores of rupees annually.
The Division has a large number of projects sponsored by Private, Public and Government agencies and has to its credit development of large number of Lubricants and Processes viz. Hot rolling oil, Gear oil and cutting oil formulations based on jojoba oil derivatives, Quenching oils for hardening of steel cylinders, Antiwear hydraulic oils, Method for manufacturing EP industrial gear oil, EP industrial gear oil using Sulphurised Karanja oil, Neat cutting oil type using Jojoba oil and Sulphurised jojoba oil, New eco-friendly sprayable girth gear lubricant for cement plants, Process for the Sulphurisation of Karanja oil as EP additive, Improved process for the Sulphurisation of Jojoba oil for use as EP additive etc. to name a few.

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