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D.P. Bangwal

Principal Technical Officer

M Sc Chemistry, HNB Garhwal University
E Mail bangwal@iip.res.in
Telephone No. 0135-2525711

Research Interest

  • Process development for chemicals and chemical intermediates
  • Screening of unexploited tree borne oilseeds of forest origin for edible an and non-edible
  • Applications
  • Hydrogenation of oils and fats
  • Biofuels and Biolubricants
  • Analytical: establishing analytical methods of separation, identification and quantification

Work Experience


  • A process for the preparation of P-toluic acid by liquid phase oxidation of p-xylene in water
    M.P Saxena, A.K Gupta, S.K Sharma, D.Bangwal, Krishna kumar. US Patent 7598415; 06.10.2009- sealed abroad, Koren Patent 10-09655633; 5.06.2010, WO Patent PCT/INO5/00388;29.11.2005, Germany 112005003520; 29.11.2005, Taiwan 095110206; 24.03.2006-21.02.2012- sealed abroad, Japan 2008-503684; 11.09.2007 – 21.06.2012- sealed abroad, Canda 2603160; 25.09.2007-24.09.2013- sealed abroad, China 2005800492876; 26.09.2007-11.02.2012- sealed abroad
  • New fuel formulation of enhanced performance
    Kaul Savita, Bangwal D.P, Madhkar Omkarnath Garg
    Indian Pat. Filed. 2013
  • “An improved process for biodiesel production” (Application no.-3616 Del 2012)Savita Kaul, Jyoti Porwal, D P Bangwal and D K Adhikari
    A process for preparation of bio-diesel from algal lipids
    Application No. 3062DEL2014
  • MO Garg, Adam Harvey, Jyoti Porwal, Dinesh Bangwal, Richa Singhal, Savita Kaul
    “An improved process for biodiesel production”
    (Application no.-3616 Del 2012)
  • An Improved Process for the Preparation of Hydrogenated Polyalphaolefins
    M.P. Saxena, G.N. Kulsrestha, D Bangwal, S.K.Sharma,G.S Bhandari. 17/03/2006 194996
  • An Improve Process For The Preparation Of Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil
    Bhatia Vk, Saxena MP,Bangwal D 24/04/1998 ,178998

Selected Publications

  • Jyoti Porwal, Babita Behra, Nagendramma Ponnekanti, Dinesh Bangwal and Savita Kaul
    “An integrated analytical approach for the compositional evaluation of different stages of fully ripened Jatropha curcas seed oil”
    European journal of lipid science and technology, 117 (2015) 398-405
  • Savita Kaul, Babita Behra, M.S. Negi, Jyoti Porwal, Pankaj Kanojia, Deependra Tripathi, Piyush Gupta, Dinesh Bangwal
    “Efficacy of a bio-additive on the exhaust emissions of petrodiesel”
    Biomass conversion and biorefinery, 12/2014, DOI: 10.1007/S13399-014-0155-1
  • Jyoti Porwal, Dinesh Bangwal and M.O. Garg, Savita Kaul, A.P. Harvey, J.G.M. Lee, F.H. Kasim and E.J. Eterigho
    “Reactive-extraction of Pongamia seeds for biodiesel production”
    JSIR, 71 (8) (2012) 822-827
  • An integrated approach for the compositional evaluation of different stages of fully ripened Jatropha curcus seed oil
    Eur. Jr.Lipid Science Technol. Vol.117, 398-405 March 2015. Jyoti Porwal ,Babita Behera, Nagendramma Ponnekanti, Dinesh Bangwal; Savita Kaul

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