19 August 2022 12:59 AM
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Harnessing natural resource wealth is a great transformative opportunity. Natural resources, which are raw materials occurring in nature, serve as the foundation for economic growth of nations in the world. Proper and careful management of these resources lays the foundation of sustainable development and growth.
Their mismanagement can carry a high cost, with the potential to fuel corruption, economic, environmental and social damage. As captains of their natural resources, nations and their governments have the responsibility to manage and regulate their use by transforming natural assets into sustained property for both current and future generations.
The work in CSIR laboratories are not only directed just towards conducting high science research but also generating meaningful scientific and technological interventions for the benefit of mankind by harnessing natural resource using appropriate rural interventions and technologies . With this background, CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum has launched this unique programme, called CSIR-Harnessing Appropriate Rural Interventions and Technologies (CSIR – HARIT) to leverage its strong scientific and technological knowledgebase for the benefit of most common people of the country lying at the bottom of economic pyramid.

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