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Dr Venkata Pramod Chodimella


Research Interest

  • Bio-based chemicals and fuels
  • Hydrotalcite based materials for catalytic applications
  • CO2 capture and utilization

Work Experience

Awards and Honours

  • CSIR-Junior Research Fellowship
  • CSIR-Senior Research Fellowship
  • Qualified GATE, 2009
  • Hindustan-Platinum best poster award, IITM, 2010


Selected Publications

  • Bio-based acrylic acid from sugar via propylene glycol and allyl alcohol. C.V.Pramod, R.Fauziah, K.Seshan, J.-P. Lange, Catalysis Science and Technology, 2018, 8, 289-296.
  • Vapor phase selective production of ethyl lactate over ZrO2-SiO2 catalysts using lactic acid and ethanol. P.Nagaiah, V.Pramod, Ch. Prathap, B. David Raju, K.S.Rama Rao, ChemistrySelect ,2018, 3, 10843-10848.
  • Product selectivity as a function of ZrO2 phase in Cu/ZrO2 catalysts in the conversion of cyclohexanol. P.Nagaiah, V.Pramod, M.Venkat Rao, B.David Raju, K.S.Rama Rao, Catalysis letters, 2018, 148, 3042–3050.
  • Liquid phase hydrogenation of furfural using 2-propanol over ZrO2. P.Nagaiah, V.Pramod, M. Venkat Rao, B.David Raju, K.S.Rama Rao, Journal of Chemical Sciences ,2018, 130, 66.
  • Hydrotalcite-SBA-15 composite material for efficient Carbondioxide capture. V.Pramod, K.Upendar, V.Mohan, D.Srinivasa Sarma, G. Murali Dhar, P.S.Sai Prasad, B.David Raju, K.S.Rama Rao, Journal of CO2 utilization, 2015, 12,109-115.
  • Vapour phase hydrocyclisation of levulinic acid to γ-Valero lactone over supported Ni catalysts at atmospheric pressure. V.Mohan, V.Venkateswarlu, V.Pramod, B.David Raju, K.S.Rama Rao, Catalysis Science and Technology 2014, 4, 1253-1259.
  • Direct synthesis of Zeolite-β- SBA-15 composite catalyst for the eco-friendly nitration of benzenes. G.V.Siva Prasad, N.C.K. Prasad, V.Pramod, K.Mukkanti, K.S.Rama Rao, B.David Raju, Catalysis Communications 2014, 49, 82-86.
  • Ni/H-ZSM-5 as a promising catalyst for vapour phase hydrogenation of levulinic acid at atmospheric pressure. V.Mohan, C.Raghavendra, V.Pramod, B.David Raju, K.S.Rama Rao, RSC Advances 2014, 4, 9660-9668.
  • An efficient use of hydrogen for the simultaneous synthesis of Cyclohexanone and aniline over Cu- MgO-Al2O3 (hydrotalcite-like precursor) catalyst. V.Pramod, V.Mohan, B.David Raju, K.S.Rama Rao, Catalysis Letters, 2013, 143, 432-437.
  • Concept and progress in the combination of dehydrogenation and hydrogenation reactions through catalytic coupling. V.Pramod, C.Raghavendra, K.Hari Prasad Reddy, G.V.Ramesh Babu, K.S.Rama Rao, B.David Raju, Journal of Chemical Sciences 2013,126, 311-317.
  • Advantage of Ni/SBA-15 catalyst over Ni/MgO catalyst in terms of catalyst stability due to release of water during Nitrobenzene hydrogenation to aniline. V.Mohan, V.Pramod, M.Suresh, K.Hari Prasad Reddy, B. David Raju, K.S. Rama Rao, Catalysis Communications, 2012, 18, 89-92.

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