13 July 2024 2:33 PM
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Sudip K Ganguly

Chief Scientist

Research Interest

  • Homogenous Sweetening Catalyst Development, scale up and commercialization for sweetening of LPG
  • Heterogeneous Sweetening Catalyst Development, scale up and commercialization for LPG/Kerosene
  • Development of Novel Materials for alkali free Sweetening
  • Mechanistic Kinetics of LPG and Fixed Bed Sweetening Processes
  • Interfacial Science related to Homogeneous LPG Sweetening Catalyst Development

Work Experience

Awards and Honours

  • Most Significant CSIR Technology Award for the plan period – Technology Development and Commercialization of the LPG Sweetening Catalyst – Thoxcat ESTM, 2015


  • An improved method for the synthesis of Double Metal Cyanide catalysts useful for the production of Polyether Polyols
    U Kumar, A Verma, Swati, B. Sharma, T. Senthilkumar, S K Ganguly
    Indian Patent Application No. 202111006129; US Patent Application No. 17/669,892
  • Schiff base incorporated double metal cyanide catalyst for the production of polyether polyols
    U Kumar, A Verma, B. Sharma, A Kumar, Swati, T. Senthilkumar, S K Ganguly, A Ray
    Indian and US Patent Application No. 202211024072
  • Method for Reactive Desulfurization of Crude Oil and Sulfur-Rich Petroleum Refinery Fractions
    A Ray, T Senthilkumar, U. Kumar, V Joshi, S K Ganguly
    US Patent Application No. 17/663987
  • Poly(thiophene-co-benzothiophene-co-dibenzothiophene) Copolymers and Process for Preparation Thereof
    A Ray, T Senthilkumar, V Joshi, A Kumar, U. Kumar, V Joshi, S K Ganguly
    US Patent Application No. 18/064529
  • An improved process for the removal of phenols from wastewater by liquid surfactant membranes in a micro porous hollow fiber contactor
    A N Goswami, A Nanoti, S K Ganguly, B S Rawat and S M Aswal
    Indian Patent No: IN9600498-I1

Selected Publications

  • Oligomeric Heterogenous Double Metal Cyanide Catalyst for One-pot Ring-Opening Polymerization
    A. Verma, B. Sharma, S. Saini, B. Behera, S. Saran, S. K. Ganguly, U. Kumar
    Chemistry Select 8 (6), e202204760. 2023
  • EDTA incorporated Fe-Zn double metal cyanide catalyst for the controlled synthesis of polyoxypropylene glycol 
    A. Verma,  S. Saini,  B. Sharma, V. Verma,  B. Behera, R. Singh, S. K. Ganguly, A. Ray, A. Vorontsov, U. Kumar
    J. Polym. Res. 30, 62, 2023
  • Fruit waste-derived cellulose and graphene-based aerogels: Plausible adsorption pathways for fast and efficient removal of organic dyes
    P. Joshi, O.P. Sharma, S. K. Ganguly, M. Srivastava, O.P. Khatri
    J. Colloid Interface Sci. 608, 2870-2883. 2022
  • Effect of Impeller-Sparger Geometry on the Gas Holdup in an Oxygen-Water System Using an Agitated and Sparged Tank Contactor
    S. K. Ganguly, C B Majumder, and A Ray
    Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 40 (68) 10445-10453. 2021
  • Estimation of Gas Holdup Using the Gassed to Ungassed Power Ratio of an Oxygen–Water System in a Stirred and Sparged Tank Contactor
    S. K. Ganguly, A Thakare, D P Patil, A Tibrewal, A Dethe, C B Majumder, and A Ray
    ACS Omega, 5(45), 28929-28941. 2020
  • Kinetics and Feasibility Studies of Thiol Oxidation using Magnetically Separable Mg-Al Layered Double Hydroxide Supported Cobalt Phthalocyanine Catalyst
    D Chauhan, P Kumar, R Painuly, S Kumar, S L Jain and S. K. Ganguly
    Fuel Proc. Tech., 167, 135-146. 2017
  • Hydrodynamic and Mass transfer Aspects of Kinetics Studies in Light Oil Sweetening: A Review
    S. K. Ganguly, N Varun, A Sharma, K Gill, P Gupta, S L Jain and L A Pellegrini
    Chem Bio Eng Reviews. 3(3), 159-170. 2016
  • Magnetic Fe3O4@MgAl-LDH composite grafted with cobalt phthalocyanine as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the oxidation of mercaptans
    P Kumar, K Gill, S Kumar, S. K. Ganguly and S L Jain
    J. Mol. Cat. 401, 48-54. 2015
  • Kinetics of Thiophene Hydrodesulphurization: Pore Diffusional Effects
    S. K. Ganguly, N Vohra, N Varun, G Das and H Bhunia
    Energy Technology. 2(9-10), 763-766. 2014
  • A Review on Gas Liquid Reactions in Light Oil Sweetening: Kinetics and Reactor Design Aspects
    S. K. Ganguly, N Varun, S Kumar, P K Khatri, S L Jain, M O Garg and L A Pellegrini
    Chem Bio Eng Reviews. 1(5), 204-213, 2014
  • Tune up the “Sweetening” process in your facility
    S. K. Ganguly, Gautam Das, Sunil Kumar, Bir Sain and Madhukar O Garg,
    Hydrocarbon Processing, 92(6), 77-81, 2013
  • Mechanistic Kinetics of Catalytic Oxidation of 1- Butanethiol in Light Oil Sweetening.
    S. K. Ganguly, Gautam Das, Sunil Kumar, Bir Sain and Madhukar O Garg
    Catal. Today, 198(1), 246-251, 2012
  • Kinetics of UDHDS Process: A Lumped Parameter Approach
    S. K. Ganguly and G. Gurulaxmanan
    Indian Chem. Eng., 52(4), 304-314, 2010
  • Prediction of Multicomponent Adsorption equilibria in Carboxylic acid-Activated Carbon Systems
    A.N. Goswami, A. Nanoti, and S. K. Ganguly
    Sep. Sci. Technol., 33(11), 1617-1628, 1998
  • Removal of Phenols from Wastewater using Liquid Membranes in a Microporous Hollow-Fiber-Membrane Extractor
    A. Nanoti, S. K. Ganguly, A.N. Goswami & B.S.Rawat
    Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 36, 4369-4373, 1997
  • Surface Diffusion Kinetics in the Adsorption of Acetic Acid on Activated Carbon
    S. K. Ganguly & A.N. Goswami
    Sep. Sci. Technol., 31(9), 1267-1278, 1996 

Book Chapter

  • S. K. Ganguly, C. B. Majumder & A. Ray; A Treatise on Kinetics of Catalytic Oxidation of Thiols in Light Oil Sweetening Process – Methodology to Predict Industrial Oxidizer Performance: Chemical Engineering Greeting to Prof. Laura A. Pellegrini, M. Masi, G. D. Guido & S. Moili, Eds., The Italian Association of Chemical Engineers, AIDIC Press, Milan, Italy, 2020. pp. 221-233.(ISBN: 978-88-95608-99-0).

Selected Conference Talks

  • S. K. Ganguly & A. Ray, Development and Commercialization of a Novel Metal Phthalocyanine Sulphonamide Catalyst for Extractive Sweetening of LPG: An Atmanirbhar Bharat Initiative, Virtual Conference on Innovative Development in Chemical Technology, 19th-20th March 2021, Organized by the University School of Chemical Technology-GGSIP University, Dwarka, New Delhi.
  • S. K. Ganguly, S. Kumar, C. B. Majumder & A. Ray, The science behind carryover issues in the LPG treating units: Technological Challenges & Solutions. 107th Indian Science Congress, 3rd -7th Jan. 2020, Bengaluru, India.
  • S. K. Ganguly, S. Kumar, C. B. Majumder & A. Ray, Solutions to the carryover issues in the LPG Treating Units: A case study. Indian Oil, Gas Chemistry, Chemicals and Additive Conference (IOGCA), 16th-17th Sept. 2019, Ahmedabad, India.
  • S. K. Ganguly & Anjan Ray, Development of a novel cobalt phthalocyanine sulphonamide catalyst for LPG sweetening: A commercial success, Chemical Reaction Engineering Symposium, 17th – 18th Dec. 2018, Pune, India
  • S. K. Ganguly, G. Das, G. Kumar, S. Kumar, Bir Sain & M. O. Garg, Catalytic oxidation of thiols in Light oil Sweetening: Kinetics and Reactor Design, International Conference on Chemical and Process Engineering, 2-5 June 2013, Milan, Italy
  • S. K. Ganguly, Shounak Sen & Aneesh Bansal, Diversification of Feedstock Options for Petrochemicals: A Road Map, International Refining and Petrochemicals Conference organized by Hydrocarbon Processing, 19-21st July 2011, Singapore.
  • S. K. Ganguly, Kinetics of Hydrodesulphurization of Diesel: Catalyst Design Aspects, Proceedings of 4th Refining China 2010 Conference. 24-25th March 2010, Beijing, China.

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