13 July 2024 4:59 PM
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Dr Thallada Bhaskar

Chief Scientist

Research Interest

  • Thermo-catalytic processes for biomass conversion to biofuels
  • Functional chemicals from lignocellulosic and algal biomass
  • Valorization of lignin to functional chemicals
  • Design of novel catalytic materials for biomass conversion and bio-oil upgradation
  • Waste plastics conversion (e-waste, industrial and municipal)
  • Lignocellulosic biomass/lignin based carbons for supercapacitor/battery applications.

Work Experience

Awards and Honours

  • Dr Thallada Bhaskar featured in the world’s top 2% scientists list published by Stanford University in the field ‘Energy’ (2023)
  • Member, Department of Biotechnology (DBT) Taskforce on “Value-added Biomass & Products from Natural Resources”
  • Subject Expert committee member in sub-committees of
    •  NITI Aayog
    • Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation (MDWS)
    • Working group on Biofuels for
      • Lignin valorization
      • Production of advanced biofuels
    • Biomass Characterization and Availability Taskforce from DST/TIFAC
    • DBT Taskforce on value added biomass and products from natural resources.
  • Advisor/ Expert, CII Bio-energy task force  


  • Bi-phasic solvothermal liquefaction processes for production of phenolic rich bio-oil from soda lignin with in-situ homogeneous catalyst
    Indian Patent Application No.0142NF202
  • Hydrothermal liquefaction for production of acetosyringone and alkoxy phenolic monomers from lignin
    Indian Patent (Under Process)
  • Catalytic Hydrothermal Process for the Production of Bio Oil from Water Hyacinth
    Indian Patent Application Number: 3241Del2013 Application Date: 01-11-2013

Selected Publications

  • Utilization of CO2 activated Litchi seed biochar for the fabrication of supercapacitor electrodes
    Biomass Bioenerg , 171, 106747 (2023)
  • Reductive catalytic cracking of industrial phenolics mixture to selective cyclohexanols
    Appl Catal A:Gen , 653, 119068 (2023)
  • Syzygium cumini seed biochar for fabrication of supercapacitor: Role of inorganic content/ash
    J Energy Storage, 60, 106598 (2023)
  • Investigations into pyrolytic behaviour of spent Citronella waste:  Slow and Flash pyrolysis study
    Bioresour Technol, 366, 128202 (2023)
  • Anisole hydrodeoxygenation over Ni-Co bimetallic catalyst: A combination of experimental, kinetic and DFT study
    RSC Adv, 12, 30236 (2022) 

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