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डॉ कीर्तिका कोहली


Research Interest

  • Extraction-based technologies for separation of value-added chemicals 
    • Liquid-liquid extraction and extractive distillation for aromatics recovery
    • Desulfurization and dearomatization of petroleum-based feedstocks
    • Separation of value-added chemicals from coal and bio-based feedstocks
  • Direct cracking of crude oils to chemicals
  • Heavy crude oil and vacuum residue upgradation using slurry bed hydrocracking process
  • Deasphalting and dewaxing of heavy crude oils
  • Thermo-chemical conversions of renewable and non-renewable materials via catalytic process
  • Microwave-assisted pyrolysis of plastics, biomass, and co-pyrolysis of biomass and plastics
  • Catalytic CO2 conversion to value-added chemicals

Work Experience

Awards and Honours

Selected Publications


Book Chapters

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