15 June 2024 9:55 AM
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  • ASTM D6730: Detailed hydrocarbon analysis of gasoline
  • UOP-915: Carbon number distribution in petroleum fuels
  • ASTM D7833: Gaseous analysis in refinery streams
  • ASTM D5442, ASTM D4492, UOP 744, UOP-915, ASTM D3524, ASTM D3525, ASTM D6584
  • ASTM D5504 and D5623: Sulfur analysis in petroleum products
  • ASTM D6591/IP391: Aromatics in petroleum fuels
  • ASTM D2789: Gasoline analysis through mass spectrometry
  • ASTM D2425: Middle distillates hydrocarbon types
  • ASTM D2786 and 3239: Hydrocarbon types in vacuum gas-oils
  • ASTM D6591/IP 391-01: Aromatics in middle distillates
  • IP 391-07/BS EN 12916-2019: Fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) in diesel-biodiesel blend fuel.
  • ASTM D7419: Total aromatics in additive free-lube base oils.
  • ASTM D7833: Refinery gas analysis.
  • ASTM D4815: Oxygenates in gasoline.

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