26 July 2024 12:16 AM
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The research activities of the polymeric Materials area are mainly focused on the fundamental
and innovative technologies for developing high performances future trends specialty polymers from conventional and non-conventional feed stocks. The area conducts its main research activity into the chemistry and synthesis of novel polymers, chemical modification of polymers and development of novel polymers, polymer composites, and other related advanced polymeric materials. The replacements of conventional petroleum based feed stocks are aimed to address current environmental issues via development of monomers and polymers form green/renewable feed stocks. Currently, the area is working on

  • Development of biodegradable thermoplastics from poultry waste chicken feathers.
  • Development of catalyst and process for polyether polyol.
  • Synthesis of polymeric additives for depressing pour points, and enhancing viscosity index
  • Development of olefin monomers from renewable alcohols eg. Bioethanol.
  • Development of polymers from long-chain alpha-olefins.
  • Conversion of carbon dioxide to poly carbonates and other polymers.
  • Development of novel methods for depolymerization/repolymerization
  • Development of polymers from renewable/crude sources-crude to polymers
  • Development of water-soluble fluorescent polymers for biomolecular sensing
  • Development of smart functional polymers for bioapplications

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