अनुबंध अनुसंधान

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हम,  ग्राहकों की आवश्यकता एवं उद्देश्य विशेष के अनुरूप परस्पर स्वीकृत विशिष्ट अनुबंध व्यवस्था के अंतर्गत अनुसंधान एवं विकास कार्य ग्रहण एवं क्रियान्वित करते हैं .

निम्नानुसार अनुबंध अनुसंधान परियोजनाएँ  ग्रहण की जाती हैं – 

प्रायोजित अनुसंधान एवं विकास परियोजनाएँ 

We undertake projects which are wholly funded by the client and are having specified R&D objectives and well defined expected project output/results, generally resulting in generation of intellectual property/knowledgebase.

Collaborative Projects

We provide inputs on projects which are partially funded by the client and are supplemented by provision of inputs such as expert manpower, engineering, production/ fabrication of product in bulk for testing/ trials, creation of infrastructural facilities or other inputs.

Grant-in-aid Projects

We are working on projects which involve a grant by way of financial inputs, either in full or in part, assistance in kind e.g. equipment, training etc. from different agencies including government departments and international bodies.