23 July 2024 5:38 PM
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Eco-friendly Metal Working Fluid

Eco-Neat Cutting Oil



Eco-Neat is high quality biodegradable neat cutting oil with excellent oxidation stability, load bearing capacity and corrosion inhibiting characteristics with negligible TAN values.


Eco-Neat is recommended for variety of machining operations on present day metals and alloys. The oil is suitable for heavy duty turning, grinding, broaching and gear cutting operations. The low viscosity oil provides superior chip removal with improved heat dissipation and cooling characteristics.

Performance Benefits

  • Has excellent load carrying capacity which provides improved surface finish at higher feed and depth of cut.
  • Provides stable lubricating film therefore enhancing the tool life.
  • Helps in reducing cutting torque and power consumption.
  • Protects work-piece and machine components from corrosion damage.
  • Is non-carcinogenic and environment friendly.

Performance Standards

Eco-Neat meets the product specifications as per IS: 3065-1985

Technical Specifications

Characteristics Competing Product in Market Eco-Neat Cutting Oil
Kinematic viscosity, at 40°C, cSt 36.98 23.06
Density, g/cc 0.898 0.991
Acid Value 10.68 1.20
Pour point °C, 0 -6
Wear (Four Ball Method) Avg. WSD = 0.892 mm Avg. WSD = 0.882 mm
E.P (Four Ball Method) Weld Load = 140 kgf Weld Load = 150 kgf
Load bearing capacity, kgf 80 160

Remarks: Eco-Neat Cutting Oil costs Rs. 85/- per liter (Unpacked: lab scale) whereas competing product available in market costs Rs. 250/- per liter.

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