29 May 2024 10:53 AM
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Fuel Testing

CSIR-IIP is recognized as a state of the art publicly funded R&D laboratory for demanding and rigorous fuel testing services to address the needs of hydrocarbon industries and allied research and development organizations.

CSIR-IIP fuel testing services include the analysis of a broad range of fuels  such as naphtha, gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, diesel, fuel oil etc along with biodiesel, blended fuels, and other bio fuels as per BIS, ASTM, ISO, and IP test method protocols. We are able to test almost all the quality specifications for these categories of materials.

Testing capabilities include all the physicochemical properties along with total sulphur measurement in ultra-low sulphur fuels with speciation, lubricity analysis, cetane, octane number analysis, energy value with engine performance and emission characteristics.

CSIR-IIP has expertise and analytical resources for fuel purity, quality analysis, component and contaminants analysis at trace levels. 

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