28 May 2024 7:24 AM
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Renewables and Alternatives

Looking in to the importance of Alternative Fuels in today’s context, CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum is working on alternative fuels with a focused approach for future and advance energy technologies. These initiatives aims to reduce import dependence on oil by providing alternative and advance energy technologies and most important environment-friendly fuel options aside from conventional fuels, such as, gasoline and diesel. Besides, the institute is also working on application of alternative fuels in engines and vehicles.

  • Biodiesel from non-edible oils
  • Gas to liquid technologies for DME and F-T fuels
  • Liquid fuels and ethanol from biomass
  • Performance evaluation emission measurement techniques for alternative automotive fuels
  • Hydrogen production
  • Catalytic pyrolysis / gasification of biomass
  • Anaerobic fermentation of lingo-cellulosic waste
  • Thermo catalytic decomposition of methane
  • Biocrudes from latex bearing plants
  • Utilization of dimethyl ether (DME) in engine and vehicle
  • Dual fuel engine studies for gaseous fuels, alcohols and DME
  • Drop in fuels like waste plastic fuel for CI engines
  • Utilization of bio-fuels like biodiesel, ethanol (E-20), methanol (M-15) in automobiles
  • Utilization of tailor made fuel candidates like 2-5 DME. 2-MF, butanol in engines

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