Upstream and Wax Rheology

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Name Designation Telephone No.: 0135-……. Email
Anshu Nanoti Chief Scientist 2525727
N Viswanadham Senior Principal Scientist 2525856,2525706, 2525827
Sudip K Ganguly Senior Principal Scientist 2525799,2525784
Anil Kumar Sinha Principal Scientist 2525842
Shailendra Tripathi Principal Scientist 2525831
S K Maity Principal Scientist 2525724
V V D N Prasad Principal Scientist 2525916,2525836
D V Naik Senior Scientist 2525863,2525864
Rajaram Bal Senior Scientist 2525917,2525797
Anand Mohit Scientist 2525804
Ankur Bordoloi Scientist 2525898,2525914
B Neelam Naidu Scientist 2525836
Saleem Akhtar Farooqui Senior Scientist 2525804
K S Rawat Principal Technical Officer 2525892,2525724
Manoj Kumar Principal Technical Officer 2525798
Rakesh Kumar Senior Technical Officer II 2525804,2525847, 2525852
Sunil Kumar Senior Technical Officer II 2525799
Rakesh K Joshi Senior Technical Officer I 2525804,2525851
Satyaniketan Yadav Senior Technical Officer I 2525859
Amit Sharma Technical Officer 2525706,2525848
Kasina D P L Kumar Technical Assistant 2525836
Mukesh K Poddar Technical Officer 2525915,2525797
Rohit Kumar Technical Officer 2525847,2525804,2525852
Daniel Shah Technician II 2525859
Pervez Alam Technician II 2525852,2525847
Rajeev Panwar Technician II 2525827,2525706
Sandeep Saxena Technician II 2525706,2525827
Tasleem Khan Technician II 2525851,2525852, 2525804
Arvind Khanduri Lab Attendant II 2525836
Satish Kumar Verma Lab Attendant II 2525915
Rajbeer Singh Negi MTS 2525864
Ram Pal MTS 2525859
Vishwas Kumar MTS 2525789