Chemical and Material Sciences Division

We are actively involved in the fundamental and applied research on diversified Materials and Chemicals
for providing the technological solutions to petrochemicals, energy and environment sectors. Research
activities of CMSD are supported by a large number of sponsored projects from the industries, government
funding agencies, national as well as international collaborating organizations and institutes.

The CMSD undertakes R&D work primarily focused to:

  • Design and synthesize the state-of-art Materials and Chemicals for meeting the interdisciplinary
  • Develop the cost-effective processes and products for petrochemicals, energy and environment
  • Process development for the petrochemicals derived from low value refinery streams as well as from
    renewable resources
  • Exploit green and smart materials including polymeric composites

We are committed to provide technological solutions and services for petrochemicals, lubricants &
additives, corrosion, polymeric & functional materials, photocatalysis, homogeneous catalysis, and water
remediation applications.

International Conference on Oil, Gas, and Petroleum Engineering on October 21-22, 2022, Online Event.

Sudip K Ganguly
Chief Scientist


Tel: +91 135-2525937/799


  • Development of alternative processes for producing light olefins (C2-C4)
  • Corrosion inhibitors for petrochemicals cargo pipelines
  • Graphene and ionic liquids-based thin film lubrication
  • Photocatalytic transformations of CO 2 to fuels and Chemicals
  • Corrosion control measures for hydrocarbon handling equipments/pipelines
  • Surface active additives: Friction and wear modifiers, corrosion-inhibitors, surfactants etc.
  • Specialty additives for fuel and lubes
  • 3D structural aerogels for water purification and oil separation
  • Polymeric materials-based additives and composites
  • Task specific polymers derived from carbon dioxide