Tribology and Combustion Division

Tribology and Combustion division strives to undertake Research and Development activities in two highly challenging and demanding disciplines of Tribology and Industrial & Domestic Combustion. Tribology (Def. “Study of science related to surfaces in relative motion”) is derived from the Greek word ‘TRIBOS’ meaning rubbing of two surfaces. It aims at minimizing or eliminating friction and undesirable wear, thus, influencing the engineering and economical aspects of machinery. The applications of correct Tribological practices protects and enhance the life of plants and machinery, improve efficiency of operations, reduce energy consumption and prevent expensive breakdowns resulting in savings worth crores of rupees annually

Industrial and Domestic Combustion deals with the efficient utilization of fuels in industrial, domestic and rural sector. It is committed to energy conservation and pollution abatement through development of fuel efficient design of combustion appliances using petroleum (fuel oil, diesel oil, kerosene, LPG, natural gas) and biomass fuels 


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The Division strives to provide technical & analytical support to Industries and assist the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) in formulating standards for petroleum products, equipments and devices using these products. In addition the Division is engaged in providing consultancy to various oil and process industries. The customers benefit with the in-depth Tribological and Combustion know-how and strong intellectual base of the Division

Dr G D Thakre
Senior Principal Scientist

Phone: +91-135-2525889

  • Dr G D Thakre
  • Dr. Shailesh Kumar Singh
  • Surface and lubricant interaction studies
  • Development of new-generation energy efficient and green lubricants
  • Tribo – Contact modeling and simulation under dry and lubricated conditions
  • Design and development of test-rigs and components for tribological applications
  • Development of Scientific methodologies for evaluation of lubricants and greases
  • High-temperature workability and Tribological Characterization of High Entropy alloy
  • High Entropy Alloys for hydrogen storage application
  • Sustainable material for aero engine application
  • Design and development of high-performance material using artificial intelligence