Institutional Honours and Awards

Year Name of Award Title
2019 Technology Development Board (TDB) National Award Development of Technology for Simultaneous production of US Grade Gasoline and High Purity Benzene from FCC Heart Cut Naphtha
2018 Uttarakhand Governor’s Innovator Award-2018 CSIR-IIP Bags Uttarakhand Governor’s Innovator Award-2018, Dehradun for its Waste Plastics Conversion Technology
2017 Technology Development Board (TDB) National Award Development of Indigenous Wax De-oiling Technology and its Successful Commercialization at NRL, ASSAM
2017 Indian Chemical Council Award-2016 CSIR-IIP won the Indian Chemical Council Award-2016 jointly with the Reliance Industries Ltd., Jamnagar, Gujarat for “Excellence in Process Design (including Process Intensification) & Engineering” for the year 2016
2016 CSIR Technology Award for Physical Sciences Including Engineering Development of Wax De-Oiling Technology and its Successful Commercialization
2016 Best Innovation in R&D Award under the caption “Energy Performance and Innovation Award” “Technology for Simultaneous Production of US-grade Gasoline and High-purity Benzene from Unprocessed C6 Heart-cut of FCC Gasoline” from the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas and the Centre for High Technology. It was awarded at the Inaugural Session of the 20th Refinery Technology Meet on 7th September, 2016 at Gandhinagar, Gujarat
2016 Silver Award Technofest-2016, November 14-27, 2016
2016 “Best Stall” in the ‘ENERGY PAVILION’ CSIR-IIP’s exhibit stall was selected as the “BEST STALL” in the ‘ENERGY PAVILION’ in the Mega Expo IISF-2016, during December 7-11, 2016
2015 Technology Award for Most Significant CSIR Technology of the Five year Plan Period 2015 Technology Development of a Novel Catalyst ‘THROXCAT ES’ for Sweetening of LPG and Lighter Petroleum Fractions
2014 CSIR Technology Awards for Innovation Developing the Process Of Simultaneous Production of US Grade Gasoline And High Purity Benzene From C6 Heart Cut of FCC Gasoline