Human Resource Development

The human capital is the most critical and valuable asset of an institute. Human Resource Development group has been established for the same. HRD group is engaged in imparting training, grooming and augmenting capabilities of scientists, technologists, technical, and administrative staff.. The objective of the HRD group is to promote a professional and holistic human resource development by organizing training & development programmes for professionalizing R&D management and support functions. The main task is to nucleate human resource management activities in the laboratory and have the following functions –

  • Plan for current, future HR requirements of the Laboratory
  • Assessing laboratory-specific training needs
  • Organizing customized training programmes
  • Interaction & coordination with CSIR-HRDC
  • Identify specific training programme as per the need of laboratory and selection of participants

HRD group arrange training programmes on a wide gamut of topics for meeting multiple skills needs of the CSIR-IIP personnel under the broad categories –

  • Induction / Orientation training programmes for newly recruited scientists and technical officers
  • Capacity building programmes in the areas of R&D Management, IPR, Research Methodology, S&T Communication, Creativity & Innovation
  • Management and Leadership development programmes
  • Refresher programmes for administrative, finance and purchase personnel
  • Specific need-based/demand driven programmes

The programme and course modules are evolved, designed and conducted based on the organization needs. HRD group organize these programme either at the institute level or depute staff at other location where the programme is being organized.